Sell your boat

Selling your boat is often a difficult decision to make.

Once you’ve made the decision to sell, you don’t want to be involved in a lengthy process that goes on for months, before you actually manage to sell your boat. Auctioning is a good option and also the fastest way to sell your boat. auctions sailboats, motorboats, sloops, canal boats, workboats and anything that floats. The condition of the boat needn’t be an obstacle in selling your ship. What could be considered to be in poor condition in your opinion, can be a nice restoration project for a new owner. Many of our customers, therefore, are looking to buy boats that need work. In addition to boats that require work, also auctions yachts that can be used immediately and do not require any immediate maintenance. The range available at varies constantly due to the quick turnover process.

Boot verkopen bij
Boot verkopen bij

After a free assessment of your yacht, we will advise you on the best and fastest way to auction your ship. After receiving all of the information, we will advertise your boat, both nationally and internationally, on various websites. will arrange the viewing, where you will be present. After all, you are the one that knows the most about your boat. The auction will expire a few days after the viewing has been held. After the auction, you determine whether or not the boat will be awarded against the highest bid. The sale amount is transferred using secure banking provided by Stichting Derdengelden. The transfer of the boat will take place after payment and after both parties have signed the agreement.

In addition to auctioning boats, we can also provide support in transporting, storage, valuation and management.

If you are not in a position to arrange certain things yourself, can take over the process for you for a fee that is agreed upon in consultation. We can take over the viewing, deliver the boat, take professional photos and other matters that are related to the sale of your boat.

How does an auction work

An auction is tailored to your boat and the desired turnaround time


1. Intake

Acquaintance and consultation sales opportunities


2. Accept project

Confirm agreements


3. Preparation

Submitting specifications and images, Creating a marketing plan


4. Auction

Viewing day, Auction day, Monitoring bids, Consultation transfer


5. Delivery boat - rounded auction

Drafting a transfer document, Financial agreement

We can also support you with transport, storage, valuation and management of ships.

Rates structure

Boat auction uses clear rates so that you know exactly where you stand. We categorise boats into four groups.

Boat up to 5 metres starting fee:
€ 100*
incl. VAT

Boat up to 10 metres starting fee:
€ 200*
incl. VAT

Boat up to 15 metres starting fee:
€ 300*
incl. VAT

Boat >15 meters
multiple ships/items

Call for Price quote

* With the exception of registered vessels

Payment to be made by the buyer:
Starting amount : < € 15.000,-    16 % excl. VAT
Starting amount: > € 15.000,-    12 % excl. VAT