Sell your boat

How to sell your boat?

An auction is a transparent way to sell your boat quickly. By presenting the boat well, with a starting bid that arouses the interest of a broad group of people, we promote your ship for interested parties (inter)nationally. Because of the limited time of the auction, the parties have to take action. This, in combination with a structured auction process and a viewing day, makes selling through the auction a fast method with results in line with the market. only charges you auction costs to auction your boat. Besides that, you are not tied to anything. 

Boot verkopen bij
Boot verkopen bij

The auction costs are:

  • Boat length up to 5 metres: €100,-
  • Boat length up to 10 metres: €200,-
  • Boat length up to 15 metres: €300,-

What does do with the auction costs?

  • We prepare the auction and assist during the process
  • We take care of the communication of the Viewing day, the interest, and the auction
  • If there are no good pictures, we will come take them
  • We will advertise your boat nationally, as well as internationally, and we will set up campaigns on all suitable social media. Your boat will be on over 20 different boat websites, paid social media campaigns, paid trading platform campaigns, and we will, of course, use our own customer base, website, and social media.
  • We will take care of the financial processing (with a safe trust account)
  • We will provide the transfer documents of boats that are not registered

We work together with you, as you will provide details of the boat and will supervise the viewing day

Grant the boat
After the auction has ended, you will have three days to decide if you grant the boat to the highest bidder. In case you do not think the highest amount suffices, you do not grant the boat and are not tied to anything. In practice, we sell 85% of the boats in one time. The boat does not get sold? We will come with an appropriate solution to sell your boat.

How does an auction work?

An auction is tailored to your boat and the desired turnaround time


1. Intake

Acquaintance and consultation sales opportunities


2. Accept project

Confirm agreements


3. Preparation

Submitting specifications and images, Creating a marketing plan


4. Auction

Viewing day, Auction day, Monitoring bids, Consultation transfer


5. Delivery boat - rounded auction

Drafting a transfer document, Financial agreement

Rates structure

Boat auction uses clear rates so that you know exactly where you stand. We categorise boats into four groups.

Boat up to 5 metres starting fee:
€ 100*
incl. VAT

Boat up to 10 metres starting fee:
€ 200*
incl. VAT

Boat up to 15 metres starting fee:
€ 300*
incl. VAT

Boat >15 meters
multiple ships/items

Call for Price quote

* With the exception of registered vessels

Payment to be made by the buyer:
Starting amount : < € 15.000,-    16 % excl. VAT
Starting amount: > € 15.000,-    12 % excl. VAT

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