NIBS: International Boat Show

The Auction event will take place during the NIBS International Boat Show in Nieuwpoort Belgium (19, 20, 21 October 2018).
During an exhibition, the range of vessels and nautical products are present so that visitors can view the items themselves. carries out the communications prior to the event to bring the exhibition and the offering to the attention. A viewing is held prior to the event for interested parties who want to view the offer in advance. Auctioning of the boats will be completed at the exhibition during two auction timeslots.

During the exhibition we will present the boats that are being auctioned, on a large screen, so that the visitor of the exhibition can follow the auction.

Anyone can bid online with the highest bidder able to set sail with his new purchase after the exhibition!

If you are interested in this event or would like to organise an event yourself please contact Bootveiling.

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