Event Auctions

Added impulse for your organisation

Bootveiling.com has developed a concept called Event Auctions. The idea is to generate more excitement during an event or boat exhibition. As such, Bootveiling offers the possibility to encourage a broader target group to buy a used yacht. For many people, buying a new ship is not a feasible option, but it is possible to purchase a used ship or accessory at an auction, at a competitive price. Bootveiling is the perfect partner between boat owners, event organisers and the public.

Event actions bij Bootveiling.com

How does it work?

During an exhibition, the range of vessels and nautical products are present so that visitors can view the items themselves.

Bootveiling.com prepares the communication plan in advance to bring the exhibition and the offering to the attention of Bootveiling.com customers.

During, and possibly prior to, the exhibition, a viewing will be held for interested parties and trade exhibition visitors.

Auctioning of the boats and products is completed during the exhibition. The boats that are being auctioned will be presented on a big screen so that visitors can watch how the auction is developing. Anyone can bid online and the highest bidder can already sail off with their new purchase after the exhibition!

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