One Off Schoener Zeiljacht

General specification

15.00 m x 4.05 m x 2.00 m


Woodcore epoxy




Operation unknown

Starting Bid:

€ 10.000


Baarn (NL)


This auction is closed. View the current offer via the auction page. It was designed and built as a 'one-off' at the same time as the sister ship (the red boat on the last pictures). Construction began in 1996. The two fuselages were made next to each other. The sister ship is considerably simpler finished, catheterized, and therefore was finished earlier. After the crossing to the Caribbean she has been sailing around in South America for some years now. The construction started with a solid oak slats and epoxy laminated solid oak keel beam, which runs from the back of the ship, slowly rejuvenating in one piece to the top of the bow. The trusses and roof beams are also made of laminated oak slats. The longitudinal stringers are 3x3 also made of oak. All the construction wood in the ship is also made of oak. The keel beam is built on a solid steel formed plate of 5 cm thick and attached with stainless steel threaded rods. Under the steel keel sole there is another, also steel, full-length bucket filled with lead. All this is of course laminated. The hull of the ship is made up of 3 layers of crosswise applied strips of 6 mm guarantee plywood (Jumbo). The so-called 'West' system, over which two layers of fibreglass reinforced epoxy have been applied. Below the waterline these are 3 layers, so the skin thickness has risen above 22/25 mm. All glued joints are made of epoxy of the brand Graf from Austria. In the case of the sailing sister ship, the whole thing has turned out to be very light and strong. Water displacement 15 mton, both at bad sea and in the harbor. Extreme weather in the port of Porto Santo near Madeira has withstood while the ship was lying on a concrete quay with just over 75 tons of different ships alongside with no noticeable effects on hull ect. With its high freeboard, the design also sails exceptionally dry in almost all weather conditions. On the inside there are still a few things that need to be finished off. The kitchen is not yet completely finished, there is no good floor and the ceiling also needs to be put in. The operation of the engine is not known. The boat has been covered up in the harbour for the past five years, but has not been used, so the operation of the engine is unknown. The ship lends itself to permanent residence. The hull is made of wood-epoxy. Hull thickness approx. 30 mm below the waterline and 24 mm above the waterline with a 40 mm thick mirror, Okumë decks class VSIG-C Rafters and Keel of oak, Schoenergetuigd, 2 masts, Gas: 2 gas cylinders built into bun on aft deck, Water tanks 2 times: 1 time of 400 liters and 1 of 200 liters Fuel tank of 250 liters, Winches: 6 pieces of which 2 reserve, Single heavy anchors present The ship is registered as a seagoing ship. Note: This is a registered ship and will have to be transferred notarized after the auction. The transfer costs will be for the account of the buyer. Viewing Day Saturday 15 June between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in Baarn

Detailed specifications


Centre cockpit
200 cm
Steering system:
Position steering system:


200 cm
Separate Dining area:
Engine room:
fixed: 6
Water tank & material:
600 litre
hot air


Anchor box
Front cabin with 2 berths
B.B. guest cabin with 2 cages on top of each other
S.B. toilet room with washbasin
B.B. Salon with U-shaped bench
S.B. navigation angle
S.B. kitchen, several closet space
E.g. machine shop plus engine room
S.B. piece of kitchen
S.B. cabinets
B.B. owner's cabin with double bed. Various closet space available
S.B. sofa (fixed bench, to use as an extra bed)
B.B. behind toilet and washbasin owner, various closet space
B.B. middle shower owner (adjacent to machine shop)

Engine, electrics

Total fuel tank(s) capacity:
250 Litre

Rig and sails

Manual winches:

Deck Equipment

Anchors & material:

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