Zeilboot, Motorboot, Sloep Gevraagd

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General specification

10.00 m x 3.50 m x 1.50 m







Starting Bid:

€ 0




The fastest way to get a fair price for your boat. Bootveiling.com is looking for boats to auction. The condition of the boat doesn't have to be a problem in order to include the boat in an auction.

Auction costs
Based on the length of the boat, you pay the auction fee once. These are your only costs!

Boats up to 5 meters € 100,-
Boats from 5 to 10 metres in length  € 200,-
Boats larger than 10 metres      € 300,-

What do we offer you?

  • Bootveiling.com does all the work for you regarding the sale of your boat. The following matters are arranged for you by Bootveiling.com.
  • Installing and supervising the auction
  • All communication regarding the interest, viewing day and auction
  • All marketing both nationally and internationally. We run several European paid social media & Google campaigns. Your boat will be listed on 20 international boat websites and of course our own customer base since 2005 we approach to bring your boat to the attention of our customers.
  • The financial processing via our secure foundation third party account.
  • We take care of the transfer documents

Award process
Once the auction has ended, you have 3 days to decide whether to sell the boat for the highest bid or not. When you accept the offer we will take care of the transfer of the boat by means of the financial settlement and the transfer documents.
If you do not want to sell the boat for the highest bid amount, we will plan a new auction date together with you free of charge in which we will try again to achieve a successful sale. In practice, we sell 80% of the boats at once!

All information can be found on our website www.bootveiling.com
Through our website you can easily register your boat or contact us by phone.

Phone No: 035-5449675
Email address: info@bootveiling.com
Website: www.bootveiling.com

Detailed specifications


150 cm


fixed: 0

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