Auction explanation

Below we will explain how an auction works and how you can place a bid.

Starting bid: The amount with which the bidding is opened.
Current bid: The highest bid that has been placed at this moment.
Minimum next bid: The lowest possible next bid that can be placed.
VAT: The tax rate that has to be paid on your submitted bid.
Buyer’s premium: The percentage that has to be paid as auction costs.
VAT on Buyer’s premium: The amount of tax that has to be paid on the auction costs.
Number of bids: The amount of bids that has been placed.

Signing up or logging in
To place a bid, you need to have an account. Without an account, it is not possible to participate in an auction. Signing up is easy and quick, using the following link.
It is possible to log in with this link too. In the upper right hand corner of the website, you can also sign up and log in.

How do I place a bid?
Clicking on the big, green button will bring you to the next page where you can fill in the amount for your bid. Here, you can also find the minimum bid that can be placed. It is also possible to submit a higher amount than the minimum. Your bid should be a round number of euros. After submitting the desired amount, you click on ‘View bid’. However, this does not mean that you have placed the bid. First, you will get a follow-up screen with an overview of your bid and the additional costs. You finalise the bid by clicking on the ‘Bid now’ button.

Normal bid
A normal bid is a bid of which you determine the amount yourself and is placed just once. You can find the minimum bid in the top right corner of the pop-up. It is also possible to bid more than the minimum amount.

Automatic bid
With an automatic bid, you can put in the maximum amount that you are willing to pay. When someone else exceeds your current bid and your automatic bid is higher than the new minimum bid, there will automatically be placed a new bid for you. This will be at the rate of the new minimum bid. In case you are the highest bidder and your maximum amount for the automatic bid is higher than your automatic current bid, the current bid applies.

Bidding in the last 5 minutes
If you place a bid in the last five minutes of an ending auction, the ending time will be extended with five minutes. This will give other bidders the possibility to submit a new bid. Pay attention: this only appears on the (boat/object) detail webpage and will not be visible on the webpage with all the boats.

Award process
After the auction has ended and you are the highest bidder, Bootveiling will contact the Seller to present your bid. The Seller will have three days to determine whether he will accept your bid. As soon as we receive a reply from the Seller, we will inform you.

Payment after granting
If the Seller has decided to accept your bid, you will receive an invoice for the amount of the accepted bid, including the buyer’s premium and the VAT on the buyer’s premium. Sometimes, there are specific costs. They will be mentioned on the screen before you click on the ‘Bid now’ button. These costs will also be included in the invoice. The invoice should be paid within three days on our safe Stichting Derdengelden Bootveiling bank account. The details for this can be found in the invoice.

Transfer document
You are the highest bidder and the Seller has accepted your bid. Next, Bootveiling will set up a transfer document. You will have to paraph and sign this document. After signing, you send it back to Bootveiling. After the transfer, you will receive the signed version of the transfer document of the Seller.

Picking up your purchase
You have to pick up your boat/object within 7 days of the Seller accepting your offer. In a few cases, this might cause inconvenience. We will proceed with discussing together with both the Seller and Buyer if there can be made flexible agreements. If this is possible, the agreements will be incorporated in the transfer document.

Any other questions?
You can always call us on the phone number 0031-(0)35 544 96 75 or send an email to

Enjoy your new purchase!


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