About Bootveiling.com

We are an independent specialised nautical auction company

We specialise in sales through auctions and we sell all types of boats.
Over the years we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to the world of auctioning. This enables us to provide our customers with the complete service and support package.

Since the start of Bootveiling.com in 2005, we’ve sold many types of different boats. Gradually, Bootveiling.com started to expand its operations and also started acting as an independent nautical appraiser.

een onafhankelijk gespecialiseerd nautische veilingbedrijf
Bootveiling.com een internationaal bekend platform

We are an internationally known platform and have developed a worldwide network of buyers and sellers and co-brokers.

Bootveiling.com has already sold more than 2,500 ships domestically, as well as internationally. The ships we offer are not owned by Bootveiling.com, but come directly from the owner or are made available through co-brokers.

Bootveiling.com works together with local government, provinces and banks as well as private individuals and commercial boat traders. We focus on leisure crafts, commercial shipping and orphan boats, and we are also active in the sale of nautical objects, ship accessories, ports and shipyards.

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