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Auction offer

Pacific Allure 143

Starting Bid: € 100.000

Colin Archer 40 Motorzeiler

Starting Bid: € 35.000

Neptunus 156 Flybridge

Starting Bid: € 50.000

Ventura Champ 30

Starting Bid: € 8.000

Bruijs Vlet

Starting Bid: € 12.500

Van De Stadt 40 Carabien

Starting Bid: € 25.000

Contest 28

Starting Bid: € 5.000

One Off Ketch

Starting Bid: € 30.000

Hooveld 970 AK

Starting Bid: € 10.000

Hallberg Rassy 35 Rasmus

Starting Bid: € 20.000

Hanse 331

Starting Bid: € 20.000

Sealine Ambassador 285

Starting Bid: € 7.000

Linssen - Sint Jozef Vlet 950 AK

Starting Bid: € 25.000

Westerdijk Zeeschouw

Starting Bid: € 17.500

Zwaluw Kruiser 900 Ak

Starting Bid: € 10.000

Online auction workboats

On September 23, 2019 we organize a work boat auction at the request of our relations. After the successful sales in the first half of the year of various work vessels, including crane boats, tugs, survey boats, crew tenders and task-specific equipment in our monthly auctions, this is followed by a quarterly auction that is specifically focused on work boats.

If you have equipment that is no longer (sufficiently) in use or ships that have limitations for future use as a result of inspection requirements, but for which you still want to achieve a good yield, we would be happy to contact you. We can then arrange a free intake in which we discuss all the options with you.

Bootveiling auctions every last Monday of the month

Every last Monday of the month, Bootveiling auctions off the boats of that month. After the auction closes, there will be new offers to place bids on. Check out the website every month to prevent missing out on your dreamboat.

Auction dates 2019

  • Monday July 29th
  • Monday August 26th
  • Monday September 30th
  • Monday October 28th
  • Monday November 25th
  • Monday December 30th

Sell your boat

Boot verkopen bij is always looking for new boats to auction. This could be boats in every price range and category. The condition of the boat does not have to be an objection to auction. We aspire to sell your boat within two months, from your own berth.

You pay start-up costs once, the amount depending on the length of the boat. The auction costs are for the bidder. In case your boat does not get to the preferred amount, we will auction the boat on a later date again, for free.

We collect the following fees. This is the only thing we will charge you!

  • Boats up to 5 metres:                   €100,-
  • Boats up to 10 metres:         €200,-
  • Boats larger than 10 metres:      €300,- will offer the following services:

Preparing the auction and assisting during the process

All the communication of the Viewing day, interest and auction

National and international marketing such as online campaigns, social media and nautical websites

The financial processing

The transfer documents

Buying at an auction

The bidding process is very straightforward and accessible for everyone. In 4 easy steps you can place a bid on your new future boat. In order to take part in the bidding process, you firstly need to create an account, it’s easy to do and free of charge. Find the boat you wish to put a bid on among our diverse range. We advise you to use the viewing so that you know exactly what you are buying. Then place a bid. When you have made the highest bid and the selling party agrees to transfer the boat, you’ll officially be the new owner of your dream boat!

1. Sign up

Create an account for free

2. Viewing

In order to get a good impression we always advise to use the viewing possibilities

3. Bid

Make the highest bid on your dream boat

4. Winner

Following agreement, payment and collection you can sail off into the sunset!

Services and support

If you are looking for a partner who can support you in the process of selling everything involving ports, shipyards and ships, you’ve come to the right place at Through our many years of experience and the international network that we have established, we’re able to provide you with top quality service for:

Nautical Valuations

Private auction and silent auction

Management of nautical locations and waterways

Recycling and processing

Transport via water and road

Storage inside and outside

Inquire about the possibilities can offer you.

Vele diensten en support bij

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